Pool Supplies Miami

Who do you call when you need affordable pool supplies in Miami? Smart home and business owners rely on Village Spa Pools for Miami pool supplies and service. We make it easy and cost-effective to maintain your swimming pool, with convenient drop-off and refill services that ensure you never run out of chlorine or other supplies. If fast, simple, and easy are qualities you look for in a pool company, give us a call to discuss service with one of our pool pros.

Providing All Miami Pool Services

Delivering supplies when you need them is just one of the many services we are proud to offer the Miami community. Village Spa Pools is also regarded as one of the best pool repair companies in the city. If you need equipment upgrades, repairs to parts, or new parts ordered for your pool, look no further than our company to meet your needs. We detect pool leaks and resolve complicated issues that other pool companies typically shy away from performing. Try our delivery service when you need pool supplies in Miami and stay with us for full-service pool management.

Chlorine Jug Exchange

Are you tired of driving to a chlorine refill station and carrying heavy jugs of liquid chlorine back and forth? Village Spa Pools’ Chlorine Jug Exchange program will change all of that. Leave your empty jugs out for our pool technicians and we’ll replace them with full containers. If you need extra chlorine, you’ll find a place in your online shopping cart to add a jug deposit and we’ll be happy to fill your order. We deliver within a 5 mile radius of our warehouse at 12586 SW 128 St in Miami. Add a free water test to your cart and leave a water sample by your empty jugs and we’ll test your water at no cost and email you the results.

Free Local Delivery

What makes Village Spa Pools the best place to call for pool supplies and services in Miami? Along with convenience, you’ll find that we offer many free services to fit your budget- like our free local delivery with any pool supply order over $30. You’ll find a complete list of supplies we can deliver when you browse our website under ‘Other Services>Pool Supply Delivery’. If you have questions for our pool specialists, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or through our website.

DIY or Full-Service Pool Maintenance

Whether you prefer to manage your pool on your own or hire us to keep pool water sparkling clean, we’re here for you with a wide range of pool services in Miami. From supply delivery and water testing to pool repairs, scheduled cleanings & maintenance, equipment upgrades, and leak detection, we know what it takes to minimize costs involved in maintaining your pool. If you’re looking for a new place to order pool supplies in Miami, give our delivery service a try and see for yourself why so many residential and commercial pool owners look to us for affordable prices and reliable service.

To speak with a Village Spa Pool pro today, call our office at (305) 386-4831.