Pool Equipment Miami

VILLAGE SPA & POOLS, INC. is one of the top destinations where you will find a fabulous assortment of pool equipment Miami. We are a leading supplier of pool products and popularly known for providing high-quality pool equipment and services in Miami. We strive to offer the most reliable services, and we go the extra mile to ensure a high customer satisfaction level. If you need a new pool equipment specialist in Miami, we've got just what you're looking for. Below are some of the equipment we sell in our store. 


1. Pool Filters 

Your pool filter is an essential pool equipment that you need. The pool can quickly become cloudy without a pool filter to remove the particles from your pool water. Things can even go from bad to worse when you have a pool filter, but it's not working correctly. Buying a pool filter and having a professional that will install and take proper care of your filter is recommended. 


2. Chemical Purifiers

Delivering a constant and consistent flow of clean water to your pool water is paramount to maintaining your pool. Chemical Purifiers include saltwater chlorine generators, tablet chlorinators, feeders, and floaters. Working in with your pool's filtration system, chemical purifiers are dispensed into the water, which reduces the need for large amounts of chlorine. 


3. Lighting

Lighting provides added safety to those walking around the pool perimeter and nighttime swimmers. It can also add ambiance to your pool and create the type of atmosphere that is perfect for any occasion. Lighting adds a whole new layer for your pool and can be installed by the walkway to light up the pool area. It can create a roomy feel, greeting and welcoming your visitors into the sectioned off area.

4. Salt 

Using salt in the water can create chlorine sanitation. It does a great job of keeping the swimming pool sanitized. Our salt is additive-free, and all-natural disinfects, which won't produce the same eye irritation or strong odor that chlorine does. 


5. Basket

 A pool basket trap objects and debris to prevent them from entering your pool's filter or pump. Without a pool basket, the floating objects and debris in your pool would make its way to your filter and pump, clog the intakes, and causing a big problem. The basket also protects the shaft seal and pump impeller from blocking, thereby prolonging the life span of your pool filter pump, cartridge, and the entire filtration system. At VILLAGE SPA & POOLS, INC, we sell different baskets that help protect your pool. 

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