Pool Leaking? 

A leak is never a nice surprise and can cost plenty of money if not taken care of promptly. Village Spa & Pools understands the importance of quick and reliable service required for leaks of all levels. We can have a pool leak specialist at your pool in no time.

When it comes to leaks, multiple areas of a pool may experience it, including around the skimmer, drain or tile.

Certain surfaces may also leak through cracks in the finish or tears in the vinyl.

To locate the source of a leak, we use listening equipment, pressure testing, and dye tests. While some issues can be fixed on the spot, some may need additional resources to properly complete the work.


Stop losing water and start saving money


Regular Pool

Leak detection for regular residential pool without a jacuzzi




Leak detection for regular residential pool with a jacuzzi


Commerical pool .jpg

Commercial Pool

Leak Detection for a commercial pool

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